Jasleen Kaler, Class of 2009

Grace Academy has not only impacted my life but has completely changed its direction and purpose. I came here four years ago. Back then, I was moral for the sake of being moral, disciplined for the sake of being disciplined, and upright for the sake of being upright. It was only skin deep, however. I have since learned that I have a higher calling than good grades or a pleasant personality. I am made in the image of the living God who wants to have a personal relationship with me. The purpose of my entire being is to glorify the One who lovingly brought me to Him even as I was running away. I now have peace in knowing that I am a child of God and that one day I will rest in my Savior’s arms.

It was the community of students, staff, and parents at Grace that helped me arrive at that place of peace. From the very first day they have been faithful to teach the truth, to come alongside, and to pray. As much as excellent academics and above reproach behavior is important here, the eternal destination of souls is far more so. This perspective is the reason why the staff here invests their entire lives into the students, hoping to impact them toward Christlikeness. Mrs. Dabrowski and Mrs. Frisk have especially helped me in my walk.

For me, Grace Academy is not a school; it is my home. I know that in times of peace and in times of trials I will always find love and support here. That support may come from Mr. Voges pointing me to Jeremiah 29:11 or from many students writing me notes of encouragement. The love of Jesus Christ abounds in them and that is the most important part. I know that wherever I go, I can always come back here and find open arms. Whatever I become in the future, I know that a great deal of the credit for it will go to Grace, not just because of the academics but because of the spiritual foundation for my life that I have received here.

In May of 2012, Jasleen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Washington State University. 

James Eldred III, Class of 2012

Grace Academy has allowed me to be successful in the area of music. I have been able to play my guitar and help lead worship at Junior High Retreat and each Wednesday during chapel. I enjoy the responsibility of leading others to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also enjoy band. I have been able to play my trumpet and work on leading a section of musicians. Also in choir I have been able to improve my singing voice.

Grace Academy has also affected my leadership ability. I have had the privilege of being in many leadership positions. In these positions I have begun to see the importance of my conduct. Also in these positions I can see the godly example of leadership my teachers have set before me. I want to strive to follow this pattern and succeed in leading God’s people where they need to go.

Last but not least, I have been affected spiritually. The teachers are always showing how to apply our studies to our spiritual lives. Even in math we talk about God’s Word and the application of it. Also the teachers hold me accountable. They confront me when I am wrong and help to maintain what is right.

Lastly, Grace Academy has been a safe place for me to call home. Even when everything is falling apart outside, here at Grace Academy, they have portrayed to me Jeremiah 29:11, “God has a plan for me.”