Kindergarten-Grade 6: BJU Press Bible Truths


Kindergarten – A Beka Book -Letters and Sounds & BJU Press Beginnings with Phonics

Grade 1: BJU Press Phonics with English

Grades 2-6: BJU Press English


Kindergarten – Grade 6: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Math in Focus


Kindergarten – A Beka Book Phonics and Reading & BJU Press Reading

Grades 1 – 6: BJU Press Reading


Kindergarten – A Beka Book Science & BJU Press Beginnings

Grades 1 – 6: BJU Press Science

Social Studies

Kindergarten – A Beka Book Social Studies & BJU Press Beginnings

Grades 1 – 6: BJU Press Heritage Studies


Kindergarten – Teacher Designed Lists

Grades 1 -6: ACSI Purposeful Design Spelling


Kindergarten – A Beka Book K5 Manuscript Writing with Phonics

Grades 1 – 5: A Reason for Handwriting

Grade 6: BJU Press Handwriting



Secondary Textbooks

Bible   Publisher
7th & 8th "Wise Up"; "Life of Christ" Positive Action for Christ
  "Let God be God" ACSI
9th "Living by the Book" Moody Press
10th "Major Bible Themes"  
11th Book of Acts (No Text)  
12th "Changed into His Image" Journey Forth


8th Microsoft Word Pasewark & Pasewark
9th Computer Applications Pasewark & Pasewark


Fine Arts    
Intro to Acting "Basic Drama Projects" Perfection Learning
Technical Drama    


Foreign Language    
Spanish 1 "Spanish 1" BJU
Spanish 2 "Spanish 2" BJU


Language Arts    
7th "Explorations in Literature" BJU
  "Grammar & Comp 1" Abeka
  "Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry 1" Abeka
8th "Excursions in Literature" BJU
  "Grammar & Comp 2" Abeka
  "Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry 2" Abeka
9th “Fundamentals of Literature” BJU
  “Grammar & Comp 3” Abeka
10th “Elements of Literature” BJU
  "Grammar & Comp" Abeka
11th “Handbook of Grammar & Comp” Abeka
  "American Literature" BJU
12th "Handbook of Grammar & Comp" Abeka
  "British Literature" BJU


7th “Math: Course 2” McDougal-Littell
8th “Pre-Algebra” McDougal-Littell
9th "Algebra 1" McDougal-Littell
10th "Geometry" McDougal-Littell
11th "Algebra II" McDougal-Littell
12th “Calculus w/ Pre-Calculus” Larsen


Social Studies    
7th "World Studies” BJU
8th “American Republic” BJU
9th “Our Northwest Heritage" Sound Summit
  “American Government” BJU
10th “World History” BJU
11th "United States History" BJU
12th "Economics" BJU
  “Understanding the Times” Summit Ministries


7th “Life Science for Christian Schools” BJU
8th "Space Earth Science for Christian Schools" BJU
9th "The Physical World" BJU
10th “Biology for Christian Schools” BJU
11th "Chemistry" BJU
12th "Physics" BJU