Fifth Grade


Students are engaged in the Bible through a thematic and chronological look at the Old and New Testaments with a particular focus on application of biblical principles. Because the Bible is the Word of God, it is the source of all instruction and memorization. The students also study the heroes of the Christian faith and historic hymns.


Students continue to extend their understanding of all the parts of speech as well as the proper use of punctuation marks. They continue to develop their writing through learning Six-Trait writing, expanding sentences, developing paragraphs, and writing book reviews.


Using phonetic skills learned in previous years, the students move on to develop their critical and appreciative skills. They supplement their literary skills with study skills, as well as learning how to skim and scan encyclopedia articles and concordances.


Having learned the skill, students now maintain cursive writing in both the upper and lower case and extend the skill while using ink pens. They also follow good cursive models that include Scripture, hymns, newspaper articles, information forms, haiku, and fables.


Fifth grade spelling includes words designed to expand the students' vocabulary but also seeks to develop their skills. Some of these skills are identifying misspelled words, improving proofreading skills, dividing words into syllables, identifying the different usage of some troublesome pairs of words, distinguishing differences between common synonyms, and Using antonyms and homonyms accurately.


Using Singapore's Math in Focus, students learn place value, rounding and estimation of whole numbers.  Students are taught how to use bar models to solve story problems involving mutliplication and division of whole numbers.  They will learn how to mutliply and divide fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.  Other concepts and skills taught include comparing numbers with symbols and using algebraic order of operations; forming, classifying, measuring, and indentifying angles; finding area of shapes using formulas; solving problems involving ratio; finding percentages; making and interpreting graphs in order to find averages and probability; manipulating three-dimensional shapes; and measuring capacity and volume.  


Students learn skills and concepts in earth science, life science, and physical science. They discover the earth's rocks, minerals, and fossils. Concerning life, they explore biomes and ecosystems, as well as learning about the respiratory and circulatory systems in animals. They also learn about matter, heat, energy, and light.


History class guides students to develop a knowledge of God through Creation and promotes historic and geographic literacy with the result that it also encourages Christian growth.

Music Appreciation

Music instruction is an important part of our program.  The love for singing and the appreciation of music is emphasized in music class.  They perform concerts each year where they learn to share the "song in their hearts".  A basic foundation of music and love for music is emphasized.


Computers are a part of our school program, using tools such as educational software to develop familiarity with the computer and keyboarding skills.  Progression of these skills is emphasized in each grade level.

Physical Education

In providing a well-rounded program, P.E. is offered one day each week, teaching the students activities that encourage coordination, cooperation and problem-solving as well as plenty of exercise.


Students are introduced to the Spanish language as they begin learning common words and phrases. Lessons emphasize development of vocabulary, listening comprehension and verbal communication skills.


Students are introduced to the world of art as they begin drawing using basic shapes (circle, straight line, rectangle, etc.). They also learn about pattern, texture, and color using a variety of mediums. These skills are developed throughout the years as they create various art projects. Students enjoy their time in this enrichment class.


Students are introduced to elements of the library system, with increasing research skill progression in subsequent grade levels. Students are able to check out books each week. Family members are all welcome to use the library.