Junior High


Grace Academy trains young people so that they are able to succeed in the area of God’s calling. Our faculty offer continuous encouragement to students so they grow intellectually. Our current secondary course catalogue may be viewed here.

Classes are designed to prepare the student for high school. Students are required to complete 3.5 credits each semester. This equates to 7 class periods per day. Students must attain proficiency in core academic classes. Credits and grades received in junior high are not carried over to the high school transcript. (The exception would be a high school class taken under the recommendation of a teacher, such as Algebra).

Junior high provides a foundation for the rigors of high school requirements. Because our goal in academics is to have students that will function to the best of their abilities, we begin in 7th grade helping students to achieve a mastery of discipline in their academic pursuits.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A school like Grace Academy offers the best opportunity for students to be involved with clubs, athletics, leadership, and fine arts. With a smaller student body virtually everyone may participate in the activities of their choice and develop skills that will be useful later in life. As an example, the students receive excellent coaching and training so that our choirs and drama productions are first-rate.

Students have the option to participate in athletics in soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, and track.

Students have leadership opportunities through the Student Leadership Council and clubs. The purpose of the student leadership council is to train students to be Christian leaders, promote unity of spirit within the student body, and to provide leadership in Academy activities. Student leadership council members have an excellent opportunity for discipleship and leadership training. Membership is open to boys and girls in grades seven through eight who are not on academic probation. A member must regularly attend and be involved at his home church, show faithfulness in academics, behavior, extracurricular and council activities, and display continued growth and maturity in his spiritual life.

The junior high students love the special events: a Friday at Jennings Park, the annual retreat, the Junior High Olympics, and the lock-in.

The school has a few after school clubs that vary from year to year, but that are designed to encourage leadership and teamwork. Service Club, the political science club, a book club (Knights of the Granite Table) and the Blue Zoo are some that we have had on a regular basis.

Spiritual Development

Grace Academy impacts students by moving them toward knowledge and wisdom: educating from a biblical worldview for this life; evangelizing and equipping for eternal life.

Spiritual Development represents half of our mission and includes character as well as behavior. Students are challenged to follow Christ and become like Him. Daily Bible class and weekly chapels are the primary avenues of spiritual training, but the Bible is integrated throughout the curriculum. Likewise, the all the faculty are committed to guiding the students toward maturity.