Christian Training

Spiritual Emphasis

Grace Academy is a Christian school with a Christian mission and statement of faith. As a result of this philosophy, mission statement and statement of faith, all students, have the opportunity to participate in chapel, Bible classes, and prayer. The Bible is the center of our curriculum and subject matter. Children learn Bible stories and how to apply them, Christian character building, and Scripture memorization.


The Academy holds three different chapel services each week. These services include grades K-3, 4-6, 7-12. Pre-Kindergarten does not participate in chapel services, though parents are welcome to accompany their pre-kindergarten child to elementary chapels. The purpose of chapel is to provide an opportunity for the students to worship God and to grow spiritually. Chapel provides a variety of activities directed toward worship through singing, guest speakers, testimonies, puppets, and storytelling. All parents are welcome to attend any of the four chapels.

Bible Classes

Grace Academy ministers to local churches by teaching students the Bible and teaching them the importance of serving in their church. The curriculum is designed to teach students the Bible content, interrelation, and application.

Biblical Integration

The teachers work both individually and collaboratively to ensure that their curriculum includes the spiritual truths that relate to every class they teach. Grace Academy works to take advantage of every opportunity to teach the Bible and to teach it accurately.

Personal Discipleship

Because the students spend so much time at school, they have the opportunity to interact with the godly teachers on a daily basis. Teachers are selected for their desire to impact students both formally in class and informally through relationships. Sports teams, clubs, Student Leadership Council, etc. present opportunities for more interaction and input into the lives of students.