Interview with Mr. Roberts regarding Joe Zak

From Jerry Roberts, March 4, 2016

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Christmas Truth

The birth of Jesus Christ is the central reason for Christmas. There are many components of Christmas that are right from the Bible; to name a few, the shepherds, the wise men, children in Bethlehem, the virgin birth and, of course, Mary and Joseph. Add to these many non-biblical elements such as trees, lights, snowmen, snowflakes, elves, Santa, etc., and we end up with a hodgepodge of things that seem equally important. They may all be a part of American Christmas traditions, but they are not all equally important. For thinking Christians, it is important to make accurate distinctions. Mixing biblical and non-biblical events creates confusion and undermines the Bible’s message.

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Heritage Celebration A Success

Our purpose at Grace Academy is to “Educate for Life. Impact for Eternity.” There is no better evidence that it is accomplishing it’s stated purpose than what was seen at the Heritage Celebration on November 8. Many school families were there to see highlighted student performances, a volunteer of the year, our science department, and the building project.

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